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In IT service management, “firefighting” has become a metaphor for much of the work... (Read more)


If you’re really busy working on lots of different things then maybe you should think about limiting work in progress... (Read more)


The IT “playing field” is essentially leveled with public cloud, because it brings world-class IT management and IT service management (ITSM) capabilities to all... (Read more)


If you haven’t convinced senior management to move the help desk to the cloud, don’t fret... (Read more)


Did you ever see the unfortunate TV weather lady who was interrupted by the Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade notification... (Read more)


IT service management has traditionally been a process-driven discipline, supported by the growing use of automation... (Read more)


If you work in an IT organization, you may be tired of being told that you should focus on creating value for customers... (Read more)


There are some rumors that IT service management (ITSM) is dead... (Read more)


The world has been living with on-premise software for far too long now... (Read more)


When you work on a service desk, calls from angry users can be very hard work, not least because of the way we’re likely to feel about them... (Read more)


In the first part of this blog series I provided my first four tips for creating a configuration management plan... (Read more)


We’ve all probably heard, and even used, the phrase “fail to plan, plan to fail” but never has this been more pertinent than when planning for a corporate IT configuration management capability – from strategizing, through selling the investment in it, to using it to make a difference to IT and business operations... (Read more)


Don’t be fooled – by the cloud tech-talk of instances, databases, code, and APIs – into thinking that cloud is all about technology... (Read more)


One of my biggest fears as an IT manager is coming to work one day and finding out that my company network was hit by a ransomware attack... (Read more)


Clouds are services, not products or technologies, so who better to manage them than an IT service manager with a “special set of skills.” Let’s call them Cloud Service Delivery Managers... (Read more)


All the IT service providers I’ve worked with assure me that they measure the services they provide... (Read more)


Many businesses, and IT organizations, become frustrated with a lack of agility and responsiveness with their change management process... (Read more)

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